Protecting Your Rights During an IRS Audit

If you have received a notice of an IRS examination, your best bet may be to immediately contact a highly skilled Denver IRS audit defense attorney. It is extremely important to immediately hire an experienced legal representative as quickly as possible. Without a properly qualified tax lawyer who can handle your case in a competent manner, things may very well go south very quickly. Not only could you possibly lose your property and assets, but you may also be personally liable for significant back taxes and penalties that exceed the initial owed amount. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the IRS will agree to a settlement or negotiation. The IRS is strong arm is very good at enforcing its rights and the tax delinquent payer rarely if ever gets a fair deal from the IRS. For more details about hiring an IRS audit defense attorney, please visit



Taxpayers don’t like to be audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The fear of audits and penalties makes many taxpayers afraid to even answer their taxes or discuss their financial situation with their tax preparer or accountant. Some taxpayers even refuse to disclose their income or financial situation to the IRS under any circumstances. Unfortunately, this often results in further IRS scrutiny and additional monetary burdens.


Taxpayers need to understand that the IRS does not have the right to review your financial records. The only time they can legally examine your personal financial records is when they have reason to believe you are hiding information from them. There are many different forms of IRS audits and they include civil, criminal, and administrative audits.


A Denver tax fraud attorney can help you deal with the consequences of a criminal tax fraud conviction. These cases typically involve income or asset fraud. The U.S. Attorneys office for these cases will not comment on pending cases. Generally, an individual who is charged with tax fraud has committed an illegal act in violation of the Internal Revenue Code. The tax fraud conviction also could have a significant impact on future employment opportunities and education opportunities. It can also impact a person’s ability to get bank loans, rent apartment buildings, and obtain credit.


When a taxpayer’s rights are violated during an audit process, they should seek representation from an IRS Audit Defense Lawyer as soon as possible. If the taxpayer is unable to come to an agreement with the IRS about the audit claim, then he/she should contact a tax fraud attorney to help file the appropriate paperwork with the court. These types of cases are often settled out of court without ever going to trial. For this reason, it is very important that taxpayers understand their rights and do not hesitate to consult a tax audit defense attorney as soon as they can after being accused of tax fraud.


The IRS is required by law to carefully review any documentation provided by the taxpayer during the audit process. In many cases, a taxpayer will be found innocent due to the fact that the information provided was not documented properly or handled in a way that showed that the audit is not what it appears to be. In these cases, an IRS audit defense team can help make sure justice is served and an audit that would have caused many financial problems for the IRS is avoided.

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